eSite Telecom Site Power Systems

Mattias Karlsson

Chief Executive Officer

In 2007, Mattias Karlsson developed the original eSite concept, brought together a multidisciplinary team of hardware and software developers to create it and became its first ever product manager. Since then he has guided every step of its evolution into the award-winning industry-leading site power solution it is today.

Mattias is a recognised industry thought leader in the areas of renewable energy, hybrid power systems
and telecom power challenges in the world’s developing nations. His deep understanding of these
subjects combined with his prior experience in product development, enabled him to take an original
concept to successful market launch.

Mattias has managed pioneering sustainable energy system deployments into 20 countries across
Africa, as well as leading eSite’s nationwide rollout in Myanmar. And in parallel to this geographic
expansion, he also masterminded the ground-up development of an entirely new product – the eSite x10 – the world’s first and only power system specifically designed for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards.

Mattias has always been, and remains, fully hands-on in running every aspect of the eSite Power
Systems business. Under his stewardship, he has developed a world-first solution, nurtured a highly
skilled team, established eSite Power Systems as a standalone company and built eSite into an
internationally well-known and highly respected product and brand.